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Private and Group Sessions Available
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From The Mat To Their Back

Riders have one thing on their mind - how to improve their riding.
Whether you compete, pleasure ride or are new to riding, we can help.  Using a combination of Pilates and other exercises focused on the equestrian’s needs, sessions will help improve your balance, posture, mobility and many other aspects of your riding. 

Issues addressed in a session 
    1) Improved balance and coordination
    2) Development of  independent hands, legs, and seat
    3) Lengthening of your legs and spine, and mobility of your pelvis.  


These sessions not only help your riding drastically, but you will notice a difference in your everyday activity.

Equine Group Session

Group options on the horse:  Small groups of mounted sessions.  Learn the basics of how your posture influences your horse and how to change it


Group options off the horse:  Working in a group setting on the mat - pilates, stretches and other exercises that develop strength and flexibility.  All tailored to the needs of equestrians. Use a mat, ball and other simple props that anyone has already or can easily be purchased.

Private Equine Postural Evaluation

Get a private consultation on your riding form with your equine. Receive recommendations and a custom plan to improve your posture and form to enhance your riding performance. 

Host a Clinic

Have Kerry Picken come to your Event/Clinic here in Arizona or in a city/state near you. 


In the morning the clinic is an off the horse session using a mat, ball, and other things you have to improve your riding off of the horse.  


In the afternoon there are private riding sessions with you and your horse.   After watching you ride and hearing if there is anything specific you need/want, the exercises taught to the rider off the horse are incorporated while you are in  the saddle


1-2 day clinics available. 

Custom Pilates Session (Non Equestrian)

Pilates one on one sessions including mat, reformer, tower, chair and mat, customized for you.

Remote Sessions

Facetime/Skype lessons for both off and on the horse sessions.  Its a great tool for those wanting to continue their journey after working with me that don't live nearby year round.

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